Hold the full power of mapping in your hand! Cross-framework, cross-platform, cross-service mapping component library


v2.4.1.0 (January 25, 2022)

Version history

Compatible frameworks

Compatible operating systems/browsers

Compatible IDEs

Supported mapping services

Includes access to TMS FNC Core

Supported Mapping Services

  • Google Maps
    Maps, Directions, Geocoding, Static Maps, TimeZone, Elevation, Location, Places
  • Here Maps
    Maps, Geocoding, Directions, Static Maps, TimeZone, Toll Cost, Places
  • Microsoft Azure Maps
    Maps, Geocoding, Directions, Static Maps, TimeZone, Places
  • Microsoft Bing Maps
    Maps, Geocoding, Directions, Static Maps, TimeZone, Places
  • TomTom
    Maps, Geocoding, Directions, Static Maps
  • MapBox
    Maps, Geocoding, Directions, Static Maps
  • OpenLayers (OpenStreetMap)
    Maps, TileServers
  • Apple MapKit
    Maps, Directions
  • PTV xServer
    Toll Cost
  • OpenStreetMap Nominatim
  • OpenRouteService
    Geocoding, Directions
  • GeoApify
    Geocoding, Directions, Places


  • Create & Edit routes (TTMSFNCRouteCalculator)
    • Add, edit and remove waypoints
    • Map interaction in combination with TTMSFNCMaps
    • Undo & redo history manager
    • Import & export GPX files
  • Directions/Routing (TTMSFNCDirections)
    • Options for configuring alternative routes, step by step directions, …
  • Geocoding (normal, reverse) (TTMSFNCGeocoding)
  • Getting current location (TTMSFNCLocation)
  • Getting elevation for a location (TTMSFNCElevation)
  • Getting static map image (TTMSFNCStaticMap)
  • Displaying an image (TTMSFNCMapsImage)
  • Getting time zone information for a location (TTMSFNCTimeZone)
  • Getting toll cost for a route (TTMSFNCTollCost)
  • Getting search autocomplete suggestions (TTMSFNCPlaces)
  • Search for places (TTMSFNCGooglePlaces)
  • Maps (TTMSFNCMaps)
    • Polylines (including polyline symbols)
    • Polygons
    • Markers
    • Circles
    • Rectangles
    • Zooming, centering
    • Bounds
    • Load GPX, GeoJSON
    • Various Events
  • Google Maps (TTMSFNCGoogleMaps)
    • Inherits from TTMSFNCMaps
    • Display KML layers
    • Editing of polylines, polygons, circles and rectangles
    • Dragging of markers
    • Traffic
    • Themes (Night, …)
    • Marker clusters
    • Map Types (Satellite, …)
    • Integrated directions
    • Geodesic polylines
    • OverlayViews (including marker labels)
  • MapKit (TTMSFNCMapKit)
    • Inherits from TTMSFNCMaps
    • Integrated directions
    • Map rotation
  • MapBox (TTMSFNCMapBox)
    • Inherits from TTMSFNCMaps
    • Map Types
  • TomTom (TTMSFNCTomTom)
    • Inherits from TTMSFNCMaps
    • Map Types
  • OpenLayers (TTMSFNCOpenLayers)
    • Inherits from TTMSFNCMaps
    • Use custom tile servers / tile layers
    • Polyline & polygon labels

Online Demo

TMS Software Hands-on with Delphi: FNC Maps

Cross-framework, Cross-platform, Cross-service Mapping Component Library (TMS Software Hands-on with Delphi)

Partner Program

Create your own FNC components and become an FNC Certified partner.


What our customers say

Installed today (fnc core + fnc maps + chromium v84/dev). then created a test app (vcl, dx 10.3) with old tms map and new tms map, side by side. fantastic performance. thank you!

- Oleg Kyrylenko

In the past I have purchased other components from other parties. I will say proudly that TMS is the best in support, price and style. Whenever I need a help your team is always there to help me. Keep up the good work

- Mohamed Thooloon

Hi Bruno Just want to drop you a line about how great your presentation was today. We often fail to point out to someone when they do a great job! You did a great job, you gave me a lot of ideas, and you answered my question very well. THANK you for your great products & super support.

- Lawrence Green

Thank you for developing components where I can best describe it like this: TMS components is a case where "The wheels fit the car, and NOT the car fit the wheels". Well done.

- Sathiparsad

As always your support is extraordinary and lightning fast.



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  • Includes full source code
  • Free 1 year updates and new releases
  • After 1 year, a 70% discount renewal is offered for a one year extension (offer valid for 30 days)
  • Free priority support through email and forum

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